Do This Necessary Measures When Cleaning up the Ash Fall

Ash is very different from ordinary dust that usually can be seen from our house or buildings. It is sharp, crystalline structures that tend to scratch surfaces when we try to remove them by wiping or brushing.

Which is why we need to take proper precautions when we need to remove them.

First and foremost, when we will do cleaning the ashes, we need to wear dust masks, goggles or corrected eyeglasses to refrain ourselves from any harmful effects in our body.

What to do when cleaning ashes outside?

When we do outside cleaning, we need to moisten the ash with a sprinkler to prevent it from re-mobilizing by the wind. Shoveling them instead of sweeping is ideal or if there are no shovels around, we can use stiff brooms for lesser amounts and when we gather the ashes, we need to keep it in a heavy-duty plastic bags.

Be cautious when we climb ladders and roofs because volcanic ash is slippery.

Do not dump the ashes in gardens or the roadside and the damped ash in yards and streets to reduce the suspension of ash but always remember to not soak the ashes, sprinkle the ashes with a little amount of water.

Always know that when we enter the house, we need to remove the outdoor clothing before entering your house or building.

What to do when cleaning ashes inside the house or building?

Even if you’re inside the house, wear a mask or wet cloth when cleaning. It is important to stay safe and refrain from the harmful effects of volcanic ash.

Ensure that the house or building has good ventilation, open the doors and windows is necessary when cleaning.

When collecting ashes and sending them outside, use only one entrance to avoid the ashes to spread around even further. Also, use water and effective detergent or wetting agent when you need to do vacuuming also, damp rag techniques are ideal when cleaning.

When you need to wipe down ashes from your furniture and appliances, use a soaked cloth or sponge. Also, you need to rinse the fabric or sponge with running water or need to be taken outside and beaten.

When removing the moisten thick ash deposits on hard floors, place it in bags.

Floor sweepers with side brushes may not be ideal since it might en-train dust particles into the air.

Consider changing your filters (air conditioner and furnace) several months after ashfall. Also, consider cleaning the surface since it may blow and recirculate ash.