Ways to Procure Money Online

Most Filipinos earn a minimum amount of ₱537 daily. Here’s the question “Do you think it’s enough?”

If the answer is know then, it just goes to show that you definitely need to level up yourself- wide your prerogative and produce more money not only for yourself but also your family; to achieve a breakthrough.

But how?

  1. Online Selling
    Although many people may have been doing this now, this is just a proven circumstance that this is an effective way to earn more money at the comfort of your home.

    Starting up a business may always been overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be, start from the basics- throwing away old junks and earn from it; have you ever thought about it?

    You can start by doing garage sale online so you can hit two birds with one stone: removing old junks and gain money.

    After you start earning your money, you can use it as a captial to start another business online- can be reselling, distributing or even join the multi-level marketing. It’s easy, you just have to go beyond your horizons
  2. Work Freelance
    This career is vital for people who either has a full-time job or doesn’t have any opportunity to work full-time (such as stay-at-home moms, students, and even PWDs).


    Because Freelancing can give a hassle-free lifestyle to both you and your client. You don’t have time to work for the entire day and you can earn competitive salary.
  3. Do Blogging / Vlogging
    If you are in field or have interest in writing, creating contents or even interested in making videos, this is perfect for you!

    Little did we know, blogging and vlogging is one of the most profitable jobs you can do while you are at the comfort of your home. This is the most suitable job for people who doesn’t have that much time to spare every single day and you don’t need to invest so much on your gadgets in order to make this work just have a cellphone and internet and you’re good to go!
  4. Part Time Jobs
    There are so many part time jobs to choose from depending on your skills set and time. For writers, you can start writing contents, blog posts, and such. For people who have excellent skills in doing admin task, you can work as a virtual assistant (VA), encoder, transcriber.

    The opportunities are endless, there are also so many applications and groups you can join in to gain connection, learnings and expand your network.
  5. Affiliate Jobs
    This can work hand-in-hand for bloggers, vloggers or social media influencer. To be honest, this is one of the many ways they can earn. However, you can still earn as an affiliate even if you don’t have an online shop.

    You can ask for some cut on every item you will be selling. You can also work at your own pace without stress and hassle.

Published by Ramona Jessica Palad

Ramona is the Marketing Director of Femmedia PH. She is a lifestyle & beauty blogger in the Philippines. She has a passion for empowering women and single mothers, giving them a silver lining through the circumstances they have experienced in the past.