What does COVID-19 Teaching us?

We are now facing a deadly pandemic virus that has been affecting the lives and income of the majority of people all over the world. As sad as it may seem, not everyone expects this to come and not everyone is prepared for the worse.

Now, Metro Manila is doing a community quarantine in hopes to prevent countrymen to be infected with COVID-19. Citizens have mixed emotions and opinions as to how the Government is facing this situation but the question is, what can we learn from this?

Yesterday, I went out to buy some fruits in the market and I have seen a major change in my community: fewer cars on the road, fewer people on the streets and not only that, my personal Facebook page is filled with prayers and well wishes to our hardworking fellow citizens who risk their safety and lives to earn a living and to help to solve this phenomenon.

COVID-19 is teaching us to be united

In order for us to solve this situation, we need to be one: mind, body, soul, and spirit. We need to work hand-in-hand in order to solve this. The government is trying their best and we too, in our small little ways, should do our own part such as cleaning our environment, avoid crowded places and making ourselves as healthy as possible.

COVID-19 is teaching us to pray

Whatever our religion may be, we only have one prayer- FIND A CURE AND STOP THIS VIRUS FROM SPREADING.

COVID-19 is teaching us how to have a stronger connection to other people

Social media is very powerful. It creates awareness and knowledge, it helps people to get up-to-date information about current events all over the world. It can also be a tool to communicate with people who are miles apart and ask how they are doing.

Let’s take this opportunity and ask our loved ones their health condition and give them the necessary information as to how they can improve their health.

COVID-19 is teaching us to prioritize our health

Since there is no cure for this virus yet, the best thing we can do right now is to have a strong immune system. Now’s the time to make our health better- stop vices, start eating healthier meals and finally exercise.

COVID-19 is teaching us to have a stronger connection with our families and loved ones

As the Government advises us to stay indoors, now’s the time to cherish our families more because we can never tell if they will be infected and if they do, will they survive? Take time to have a stronger bonding, watch movies together, cook meals as a family, clean your surroundings. Talk to each other.

Enjoy staying at home with your family and loved ones- we guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

Published by Ramona Jessica Palad

Ramona is the Marketing Director of Femmedia PH. She is a lifestyle & beauty blogger in the Philippines. She has a passion for empowering women and single mothers, giving them a silver lining through the circumstances they have experienced in the past.