3 Businesses That Will Flourish After COVID-19

Businesses are one of the many who affected by COVID-19 whether it’s a big or small enterprise. No businessman expected this to happen. Businesses closed establishments and paying for their employee’s pro-rated 13-month to pay- this influenced a lot in finance.

But like any other hurricane comes the rainbow, after this COVID-19 fiasco, what businesses will flourish?

1. Businesses Related to Beauty

It’s fair enough that many people faced great stress during this situation. Most women had a hard time budgeting their household finance and keeping their family’s health safe. This is why after this pandemic virus, they only have one goal in mind: TO RELAX!

Salons, Wellness Spas, and Massage Centers will be booming in this industry because people wanted to relax and release their pressure after the long term battle with this pandemic virus. As this may soon happen, beauty industries may take advantage by creating amazing promos and discounts to its patrons that way they can save money and receive a pamper session and the company, on the other hand, gain sales and leads as well.

2. Health-Related Industries

Almost all people experience a turning point in their life today and that is to invest in their health. Having a strong immune system is one of the best ways to fight COVID-19 and not everyone is fortunate to sustain their body’s needs.

After this pandemic virus, many people will start switching to a healthy lifestyle- businesses that sell health supplements, vitamins and minerals are the perfect businesses to cater to their client’s needs.

With this, health-related businesses should create a strategical marketing plan to gain more prospective clients and make turn them into customers.

3. Life Insurance

This situation made people realize that it is time to also consider the future. We Filipinos tend to live in the moment without thinking about the ‘What Ifs’ in the future. As we face an unexpected situation that shocked almost everyone, people will now be starting to invest in their future and secure their lives if this will happen again.

Life Insurance may also hire more Financial Advisor to gather more sales, it can be a beneficial way for those unemployed people to gain the money they have lost during the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Published by Ramona Jessica Palad

Ramona is the Marketing Director of Femmedia PH. She is a lifestyle & beauty blogger in the Philippines. She has a passion for empowering women and single mothers, giving them a silver lining through the circumstances they have experienced in the past.